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  • Sit and iron in comfort with the Miele rotary iron. This easy to use appliance has a wide roller that allows you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths, all with a crisp, professional finish.
  • Professional results
  • The wide roller width allows you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths. This unique product gently presses delicate lace or puts razor-sharp creases into pants
  • The open end of the roller is particularly useful for ironing awkwardly shaped items such as shirts and blouses which can be fitted over the open end without being folded. The open end also allows for easy ironing of very wide items such as sheets and tablecloths.
  • Swing out bar for hanging laundry
  • Finished work is automatically deposited on the laundry shelf beneath the roller in even, soft folds. The ample space between the shelf and the roller allows for large items to be pressed.
  • The Miele rotary iron is very easy to use. By gently pressing the wide foot control bar, the heater plate contacts the roller which begins to rotate. Your hands are free to guide the laundry smoothly and accurately. The roller can be rotated by hand for ease when feeding in laundry.
  • Foot pedal operated
  • Three temperature settings
  • The wide space between the hotplate and the roller makes it very easy to feed in the items being ironed. An automatic finger guard device is a special safety feature. If, during the ironing process, your fingers come too close to the hotplate, a safety switch will stop the roller rotation and lift the heater plate off the roller.
  • Emergency release button
  • Aluminum feeder board
  • The roller speed can be set to one of five speeds to suit the type of laundry being processed and the individual's working speed.
  • Fold away design
  • Transportation wheels > Don't forget to double check your dimensions.
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