BKI36BIRS Fhiaba Brilliance Series 36" Bottom Freezer Drawer Refrigerator with TriPro & TriMode - Right Hinge - Stainless Steel
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BKI36BIRS Fhiaba Brilliance Series 36" Bottom Freezer Drawer Refrigerator with TriPro & TriMode - Right Hinge - Stainless Steel

TriPro Refrigeration
Maximum freshness is guaranteed when each food product is preserved at the right temperature and humidity levels . This is the philosophy behind the TriPro refrigeration system that ensures the preservation of optimal conditions , thanks to the separation efficiency of the refrigerator, freezer and Fresco compartments. Two advanced compressors and three evaporators ensure continuous operation , maximum silence and energy savings.

Correct storage conditions of foodstuffs and maximum energy capabilities are also guaranteed by the Provent ventilation system, which provides a cold air distribution by laterally circulating airflow. It is therefore possible to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the compartment , allowing better preservation conditions foods.

Total NoFrost
Fhiaba`s TotalNoFrost is a 100% automatic system that eliminates the need for Fridge, Fresco and Freezer defrosting.

Managing compartments organization and the functionalities of the Fhiaba preservation systems is extremely easy : its unrivaled flexibility has been developed to achieve a high level of adaptability to the needs of modern life. Thank you to EvenLift shelves , set up inside the refrigerator compartment can be re- organized in a simple and fast way , adapting to needs.Bulky preserving foods or containers easily and quickly find a place in the compartment patented sliding shelves can be adjusted to any height without removing the transformation of the refrigerator in an organized space .

Equilance is the double movement of the hinge which combines technical innovation and design. It is protected by international patents as all original Fhiaba solutions.The self-balancing movement guarantees stability and resistance to infinite and above all openings can integrate , flush installation of all Fhiaba of models.

OptiView modern lighting system uses LED technology to ensure optimal view from inside . Two LED light panels in the upper refrigerator compartment , while illuminatedirectly spots in distinct areas of the fridge compartment , Fresco and TriMode drawers.

Refrigerator , freezer or Fresco : simply select the desired function by FhiabaAccess menu to change the mode of operation of the Lower Drawers.A TriMode versatile function much of the environmental protection management flexibility, especially when several units are installed .

Ice Maker
All models for food preservation are equipped with Ice Maker system , directly connected to the water line . Ice cubes are always clear , odorless and tasteless , with the installation of water filtration system in the refrigerator compartment . The ice cube tray is positioned in a dedicated area of ​​the bottom drawer , separate from all other items held . A sensor controls the level of ice cube in the dedicated tray , stopping and starting ice production according to the amount of ice cubes collected in the drawer.

Approximate Dimensions (Inches)
Height: 84
Width: 35 3/8
Depth: 24

Consult product installation guide for exact dimensions.

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